Soccer drills : Match

The match is the purpose of training.
The training sessions, training programs, warm-up, drills, soccer skills, technical, tactical, physical, gaming, football drills, soccerdrills...
Everything is done for a specific purpose: to be successful in the match.
It is therefore imperative to propose at the end of training games. Either free or respecting the working theme.

First touch

First touch is worked in football drills in the training session in order to have a good first touch.
Then you have to work them in game situations.
The training session must include football exercises to work the control of the ball particularly for training of U7 soccer, U9 football training, U11 youth soccer, U13 soccer training and training of U15 football.

1vs1 moves 1vs1

Football exercises on dribbling and duels can be worked in the same training session of football.
The training football should definitely include a match where one works the subject matter.

One touch play

In part, technical soccer drills, you will find football drills to work on passing and shooting without control.
There are many soccerdrills you can add to your sessions and your soccer training programs.
In the match at the end of training, focus on playing one-touch in game situations.
Excellent for U15, U17, U19, college soccer.

Crossing and finishing

Soccer games for training of soccer players U13, U15 football training, football training U17, U19 soccer training and the training of adult football.
The football training session theme for the long pass and / or the cross.
The soccer coach sets up football exercises to work the long passes and games where players have situations of long passes and crosses.
The game's theme is the long pass and crosses.

Creating space

The football training session aims on losing one's marker.
The game keeps this goal all the way.
Important for soccer teams of all age group.

Direction of play

Soccer match and soccer skills allow you to work this notion of direction of play.
The soccer coach should explain the principles of play and set soccer drills allowing its players to improve in this area during the match at the end of training.
Play forward, backward, provide support to the ball carrier, create space.
The training session of football, the soccer training, the football match and the warm-up should be devoted to this theme.
The soccer program Soccer-Trainer Online offers many drills for soccer coaching of U9, U11, U13, U15, U17, U19 and Adults to work on direction of play.

Creating width

Matches with the objective of creating width.
Important theme to work during football practice.


The soccer training program must include football training sessions on the defensive aspect.
Teamwork and individual work to defend.
Defensive principles must be worked on at all age group in soccer coaching sessions.

Free play

No theme to follow.
The soccer coach can ask the players to respect the principles of games covered at the coaching session but not overemphasize it.
Give total freedom to the players in this part of the training session.