Soccer drills : Technical

Here you will find soccerdrills to improve the technique of your players. Such as coerver coaching drills.
The soccer training session, especially the training of U7 football, U10 soccer drills, soccer training U11, U13 soccer drills and training of U15 football, soccer-trainer includes many exercises to work the technique.
The soccer coach sets up technical workshops and drills to work on passing, shooting, first touch, the ball control, dribbling skills, the game without control, headers drills, a volley game, long passes and crosses and defensive techniques.
The soccer training software offers many football drills on technique.

Soccer drills : heading-technique

An entiere soccer training session can be devoted to head game.
Soccerskills to defend, to pass, to score.
Juggling drills can serve as well heading the ball in football.
Good warm-up at the start of a soccer training session.

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