Soccer drills : Technical

Here you will find soccerdrills to improve the technique of your players. Such as coerver coaching drills.
The soccer training session, especially the training of U7 football, U10 soccer drills, soccer training U11, U13 soccer drills and training of U15 football, soccer-trainer includes many exercises to work the technique.
The soccer coach sets up technical workshops and drills to work on passing, shooting, first touch, the ball control, dribbling skills, the game without control, headers drills, a volley game, long passes and crosses and defensive techniques.
The soccer training software offers many football drills on technique.

First touch

Soccer drills to work on a good first touch.
Repeating the gesture is important to make good progress.
The training session should include drills for working right foot and left foot, especially for training of U7 youth soccer, U9 soccer coaching, football training U11, U13 soccer training and training of U15 football.


This is the first thing one learns at soccer practice : U7 and U9 soccer coaching sessions.
Training to dribble the ball well, have a good control of the ball.
The training session should offer many different soccer exercises to work on dribbling the ball using the 2 feet and all contact surfaces (inside, outside, sole).
It is possible to work on dribbling the ball during soccer warm-up.

1vs1 moves

The training session allows the soccer coach to show youth soccer players the different dribbling techniques, footwork to eliminate an opponent.
Cuts, rakes, feints, fakes, pullbacks must be ubiquitous in soccer drills in training of football and soccer games.
Lots of soccer videos shows the different gestures to achieve.

One touch play

Soccer exercise to work the passing and shooting without control.
There are many drills you can use in your sessions and your soccer training programs.
Rather designed for age category U13 and U15 in training of football, U17, U19 and Adults.

Heading technique

An entiere soccer training session can be devoted to head game.
Soccerskills to defend, to pass, to score.
Juggling drills can serve as well heading the ball in football. Good warm-up at the start of a soccer training session.


The soccer coach can set up several soccer training drills on volleying.
Semi-volley, volley to strike at goal, bicycle kick...
The soccer training software offers several soccer skills of this type.
The soccer training software offers several soccer skills of this type.
A full football training session may be devoted to volleys.
The football coach must demonstrate the right moves.

Long passing and crossing

Good for training of football U13, U15 soccer training, football training U17, U19 soccer practice and the training of adult footballers.
The football training session theme for the long pass.
The football coach sets up soccerdrills to work the long pass and games where players will have situations of long passes and crosses.

Defensive techniques

Defensive actions like interceptions and tackles can be worked with appropriate football drills.
The football practice also allows the soccer coach to teach his players good defensive techniques.
Good defensive soccer tips. The training session is devoted to this work.
Here you will find football drills on defensive techniques.