Soccer drills : Physical

Physical preparation in football is all aimed to athletic player development.
Physical preparation is present throughout the season, the soccer training program, with the working speed, strength, endurance and strength training.
Physical drills should be placed in the soccer training session after a good warm up.
Interesting for training of U15 football, soccer training U17 and soccer coaching U19 and adult football workouts.

We classify the physical drills into several categories: Speed, Coordination, coordination Speed, Stamina - power and other.


The soccer coach must propose a period devoted specifically to soccer speed.
The soccer coaching software offers several soccer football exercises on speed. You can add them to your soccer training sessions and your football training programs.
Lots of soccer training videos on speed are also available on the Internet.


U7 and U9 Soccer training, U11 soccer training should include coordination drills.
They are very important for the development of the young players.

Speed - agility

Soccer drills on speed-coordination proposes to work these two elements simultaneously.
Small agility course are perfectly suited.
It is ideal for all age groups: training of U7 soccer, soccer training U9, U11 football training, football training U13, U15 soccer practice, football training U17, U19 soccer training, soccer coaching Adults.

Aerobic - power - other

Here are the other physical drills to add to your soccer worksout
A football drill can be classified in this category.
The football training consists of drills and games that allow physical work.