Soccer drills : Warm-up

From beginners to seniors, soccer coaching session begins with a warm-up.
Warm-up in football helps prepare muscles to work harder, and it preserves the risk of injury. Being well warmed up also allows to perform better on physical football exercises, techniques, tactics and games.
The warm up at the start of football training is essential for all categories: U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U17, U19 and Adults.

A warm-up drill should gradually increase in intensity.
It must be chosen according to the soccerdrills of the soccer coaching session.

We classify warm up into several categories: technical exercises, tactical games, ball Touher, reduced Games.

Technical exercises

Soccer drills to choose based on the topic of the soccer training.
The football coach sets up a drill to prepare football players in training football that will follow.
The warm-up drill is very important and determines the result of the training session.

Tactical games

Are called tactical games, theme games, directed games or set up play made to work a principle of tactical play during soccer training (i.e direction of play, losing one's marker, etc.).
For the warm up, the intensity should increase gradually.
This is often keep away games. The goalkeeper may also take part.


A warm-up drill on ball control is interesting for a warm-up. It allows to work also the focus and application.
Ideal for football training U9 U11 and U13 football training.
There are many video football training with training exercises on juggling for soccer practice.

Small-sided games

Start with small sided games training warm-up game is interesting.
The training session starts with 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4 games and various rules, playing different surfaces and goals.
The football coach sets up several fields according to the number of players. The soccer training software offers several soccer drills of this type.